I’ve read a lot about When Dimple Met Rishi on a few other blogs and was very excited to start reading it. Though it didn’t appeal to me right from the start. The book is about an Indian boy and girl, who don’t know each other, but were set up by their parents to marry. That’s when the hesitation came in, because arranged marriage? I don’t know if I’m okay with reading about that.

But since it got high praise from other book blogs, I gave it ago. And man, was I glad that I did!

My thoughts on When Dimple Met Rishi

  • When Dimple Met Rishi was a very fun and quick read. The writing is so easy that you just fly through the pages.
  • The switch between the viewpoint from Dimple to Rishi and back adds a fun twist in the story.
  • That also sometimes makes it a little complicated, because the viewpoint does not switch everytime a new chapter starts. So you have to be mindful of the names above and I skipped that sometimes. But really it’s a very minor negative point about the book.
  • The fact that they have a different background and religion than I have adds some deeper layer to the story. At least for me.
  • It’s clear they are Indian, because of little things (like Indian words and traditions) throughout book. It made it easy to read, but also made me learn a little bit more about the Indian culture.
  • The characters are cute and versatile. And not just the main characters.
  • Dimple is a very strong-headed girl with a clear ambition. I like that!
  • But Rishi – with his traditional values and wanting to please his parents – is great too. He stands for what he believes in and I love that.

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  • The romance between them is AMAZING. It’s slow, but steady and then all at once. It’s sounds like the kind of romance everyone wants.
  • But also the friendships! Not only between Dimple and her roommate, but also the friendship between Dimple and Rishi. That’s really the solid base between them and it just shows that your boyfriend/partner should be your best friend too.
  • Part of that friendship is the fact that they know each other better than they know themselves and they keep trying to make sure the other one is the best they can be. Without doubt, they support each other immensely and doesn’t anyone want and need that?
  • The book deals with bullies and the need to fit in and losing yourself to that. Important subjects and it really shines a light on how to deal and how it’s something you shouldn’t do. Without it being boring.
  • The writer really gets how teenagers think, speak and do. One awesome nickname for the bullies (Aberzombies), the urge to fit in and the rebellion against their parents; it perfectly shows the age and the way they think.
  • Bottom line: When Dimple Met Rishi is a cute and quirky YA novel with some serious notes, but is mostly just entertaining, easy to read and a perfect example of a great YA book.

What book are you reading?