As I once said, I love spending time with my¬†family. My sisters and I occasionally do things with just the three of us. Now that we’re older, I know them better. The fights have become less and we have a lot of fun times together. We even meet each other because we want to, not because we have to ;). Here are some things I (and I hope my sisters too) love to do together:

  1. Go on vacation together.
  2. Go to a spa.
  3. Have a beauty night at home.
  4. Gossip about boys.
  5. Give and get fashion advice.
  6. ‘Borrow’ each other’s clothes.
  7. Call anytime of the day.
  8. Catch up over some coffee.
  9. Be honest with each other.
  10. Reminsce over the past.
  11. Cook together for my parents, because they cooked for us our whole life.
  12. Have a movie night with LOTS of snacks (and usually not eat all of it because it is way too much).
  13. Have sleep-overs now that they live on their own.
  14. Dance together at a party.

What do you like to do with your siblings?