This new post idea I had starts today! I will try to review a book by using just 14 sentences. In this first edition, The Burn Trilogy is being reviewed. I know that that means that I’m actually reviewing 3 books in one, but on my e-reader I had the whole trilogy in one so for me it was just like one long book.

The Burn Trilogy, by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian, is about three girls, who are not connected at first but after wanting to take revenge on some people at school, they start a pact. You can already guess that some things don’t go as planned. I will not say more about what happens, so here’s my review:

As said, The Burn Trilogy is written by two authors, but you don’t notice that at all. The authors were very in sync, and that makes the books a great and easy read. It’s very well written and every character is unique and very good defined. Even though Mary, Lillia and Kat (the main characters) are very different, I found it really easy to connect and sympathize with each one of them. I felt their pain and understood why they wanted to take revenge. I most liked the first two books, where revenge is the main theme in the book. This makes it exciting because you don’t know how the revenge goes and how the person reacts.

The third book was a little too supernatural for me, although I must say that this book was well written too, so the supernatural elements didn’t bother me that much. And there’s a big love twist in this book, and again at the end of the book and that made the book still worth reading.

I think that setting this story on an island added a great layer to it; everyone knows each other, and that’s why the impact of the revenge is even bigger. Next to that, an island makes it secluded, which makes it a little more… scarier I guess.

The ending of the last book was a little soon, it seemed. All of a sudden you are fast forwarded a lot and everyone is off to college and graduating from college. But the cliché ending, which was still a little surprising for me, made it a nice ending of three awesome books.

If you’ve read this book, what did you think of it? Which book should I review next?